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Questions and answers:

How can I get a quote?

You can send us the file(s) by e-mail or download. We count the number of lines (always 52 characters per line) and you receive the quote by e-mail as quickly as possible.

What languages to we translate into?

We offer translations and proofing in all Western and Eastern European, Scandinavian, Asian and Arabic languages. Please request a price list under Contact.

How do I proceed if I want a translation/proofing job?

Send us the file(s) – ideally in Word, ppt, xls, InDesign, pdf – by e-mail/download. The lines of the text are counted (always 52 characters per line) and you receive a quote right away. After you have given the green light, we translate/proof the text and you receive it in the format you require.

What does a translation / a proofing job cost?

Translation and proofing work is calculated according to text length. We count the number of lines (always 52 characters per line) and you receive a quote right away. Please contact us for a price list.

Who does the translating/proofing?

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced native speaker translation and proofing professionals. We have extensive experience in a variety of fields, only translate into our native language and only accept topics we can handle 100%.

What format should the files have?

e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, InDesign, QuarkXpress and other formats.

Do I get the file back in the same format I sent it in?

Yes, the format stays the same. Non-editable texts in graphics or images are delivered as plain text.

How do I send you a file?

Ideally by e-mail. Dropbox, wetransfer or ftp are of course also possible.

Can you work with files in InDesign, QuarkXpress and other layout formats?

Yes, these formats can be processed. No extra costs are incurred. We import the files into our translation environment and don't see the actual layout. After the translation has been completed, the translation is exported again and you only need to carry out the finishing touches to the layout (e.g. adjust text boxes).

Which translation memory systems to you use?

We use sdlTrados. Other systems such as MemoQ can also be used. Here we can adapt to your requirements.

How does payment work?

By bank transfer after delivery. Other payment options such as PayPal are also possible.

How fast do you deliver?

This depends to a large extent on the amount of text to be translated or proofed. Urgent PR-texts can be translated by the next day.

What specialist areas do you cover?

We cover a large variety of specialist areas (see references). Every translator has his or her specialist field he or she works in.

Do you consider culture-specific aspects in your translations?

Yes, we translate with the culture of the target group in mind and can provide cultural advice. We also undertake great efforts to learn about the culture of a company.

How do you safeguard quality?

The translations are carried out according to the 4-eyes principle. Every translation is proofed in order to reduce the chance of errors.

How do you calculate what a translation will cost?

The lines of the document are counted. 1 line always consists of 52 characters including empty spaces.

Do you use customer-specific terminology databases?

Yes, for every customer we record the standard terminology for later use. This ensures the consistency of the terminology used and we can take account of customer-specific preferences.

Can you certify translations as required by authorities?

Yes, we can certify translations for world-wide use.

Do you deliver reliably and on time?

Yes, reliability and punctuality always have the highest priority for us.

Are you familiar with translating in journalistic‚ style?

Yes, making a translation not sound like a translation is always our aim.

Why not use an online translation service?

Translating always means understanding the exact context, the culture of the company, the tonality, the company's specific terminology and what you can read between the lines. An algorithm is not capable of doing this satisfactorily. Cost and time-saving translation memories where old translations are stored are of course used.

Why not use a 4000-translator service agency?

We are an experienced team of translators and proofing professionals where you will have the same person working on your projects in years to come. In large-scale agencies each project is carried out by someone else, which of course reduces consistency as well as the quality of the customer experience.

What is transcreation?

Existing translations are improved to native-speaker level (grammar, style, spelling etc.)